Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We’ve built a market-leading product that’s making work easier for thousands of teams around the world.



AltoCompress is a great tool when it comes to reducing the size of your PDFs. I use it all the time. The whole procedure takes a few simple steps. OH, and you can also edit your PDF online.



I’m almost out of free storage space on my smartphone, that’s why I think AltoComress is very helpful. Now I can reduce PDFs and store them on my phone or save them to Google Drive in one click.



I often work with scanned PDFs which sometimes exceed several megabytes in size so I’m really glad I’ve found this app. Very accurate and time-saving service. No ads, no hidden payments. Strongly recommended!



I was surprised to find such a useful app, let alone a free one. What I love the most is that I can import docs from Dropbox as well as from my computer and share them with anybody I want in one click!



I use AltoCompress to process image-based PDFs. I must say it’s a very precise and convenient app. An unlimited number of uploads is allowed. I’ve tried it for some really large PDF documents and it worked perfectly well.



I think AltoCompress is great news for all mobile device users. I simply love the fact that it’s possible to compress any PDF and make it much smaller in size on any device. I use it on a daily basis.



I had a pretty large scanned PDF file that I wanted to reduce using various software, both web-based and downloadable, but it didn’t work well enough. Then I found AltoCompress and the problem was solved within seconds. Thank you, guys!



I find AltoCompress a simple and accurate up-t-date tool. I’m not an expert but it seemed to work great for every PDF document I’ve uploaded. I was a little worried about the quality of the reduced file but the quality was amazing.



Wasn’t expecting such high productivity from an online app. With AltoCompress, I was able to reduce a few large PDF documents and it only took me a few minutes and a few simple steps. Great service!